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We are passionate about photography. And we are passionate about weddings! They encompass our two favorite things, photography and love! 

Our goal on your wedding day is to showcase your love; to capture every little moment from the buttoning up of your dress to the crazy dancing on the dance floor and each and every moment and detail in between. We want to make sure you can see that love every time you look back at your photographs.
We love those little moments. The loving glances at each while you are not paying attention. The joy in your fiancés eyes when they see you for the first time. The nervous giggles as you hold hands. This day is about you and who you love. We love all of the little moments! 

We love what we do! Seriously! We really do. We love photographing couples in love! 

We promise that we will capture all of the candid moments, all of the craziness of your bridal party, the must have formal portraits and even the massive 40 person family photograph that your mom wants! 

We will work with you to make sure the day goes smoothly. We will be the the calm beneath the storm. We know you are nervous, (You are getting married after all!) but you will not be nervous about us. 

What do you get when you book us?

Rob and I are a true team. In life and in business. We have photographed weddings together for more years than I want to admit (25!!!). Because of that we work well together. We actually like working together! heart 

We are both lead photographers, having been formally trained and have degrees in photography. We have photographed over 1000 weddings a piece. So when we work together you are not just hiring a photographer and assistant or hubby with a camera but two trained professionals.

Experience matters. Too often we hear stories from our couples who have been in other weddings where the photographer was unprofessional and did not know what they were doing, what poses/photos to take. This will not happen with us! We know what we are doing. We will make sure to guide you so that you look your best and to get every photograph that you want in a timely manner. We make sure every detail is captured!

When the video option is added, I make sure to leave time and space for Rob to capture the video moments that he needs to create a film you will love. I call it a dance. We have worked together so long that we dance around each other making sure each of us gets what we need. 

We work well together. We do our best to capture your day in a way that you will love looking back on for years to come. 

We want you to trust us! 

No two weddings are alike and we will document yours the way it should be, as a unique event that is centered around the two of you and your friends and family. 


First we want to chat! I would love to get together over coffee or a drink and chat about you and get to know you. I want to hear all about you guys and how you met and what you dream for your day. 

Of course if we can't get together in person (Which is more often than not!) a phone call, Zoom, text or even email is great as well. I understand you have busy lives so an in person meeting is not always possible. 

If you decide we are the perfect match (YAY!) then I will send you an online contract/proposal for you both to look over and sign. The retainer (1/3rd of the collection price) can be paid right online, easy peasy.

The next step is an engagment session, if you choose to do one. Just drop me a email or text and we will pick a date and location that works for you. Normally you would do these about 6 months prior to the wedding. This way you have plenty of time to get save the dates and prints. 

Planning your day is next on the list. Once we have a signed contract you will get an email with our wedding questionaire. This is how we help you plan your day. We want it to run smoothly so we will go over it with you and work out all of the timing. Most of the time this can be done over a phone call or even email, however I am happy to meet and nail down all of the times as well. I can work out a timeline for you if you prefer as well. 

I am always available to answer a question! You are always welcome to text, call, email or message me. We offer a "white glove" service, which means I am here for you! I normally answer right away, if not right away within a few hours. My phone is right at my side always, just like yours is, LOL. You will never have to wait long for a response. I promise heart

Your wedding day. YAY it's finally here!!!! Woo Hoo!!!

We will follow our timeline as well as we can. We are flexable though as things are bound to happen :) No worries we will roll with the punches. Normally I will meet up with the girls for getting ready photos while Rob meets the guys. If we are doing a first look Rob and I co-ordinate with each other to make sure we are all on the same page with location and timing. We bounce off of each other throughout the day to make sure we cover EVERYTHING.

After the wedding we download all of the images to our redundant hard drives so that we have backups of everything. I share a sneak peek on our Facebook page so that you have something to share the week after the wedding. It will take me about 3-6 weeks to edit all of your images. And there will be a lot of them! The average is about 800-1000. You will know I am done editing when I post my favorites to our Facebook page. It is usaually another 24 hours before all of the images are available online. You will get an email with a passcode so that you can download them. You can also order prints and send the gallery to whomever you would like to view and order prints. If you have chosen the video option your videos will take about 3-4 months to be finished.