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Having your questions answered is important! Here we try to answer the most frequent ones we are asked. Feel free to email or call if you have more!

Q:  How long have you been in business? How many weddings have you photographed?
A:  We’ve been photographing weddings professionally and full time since 1994. Rob did the numbers a couple of years ago and we are over 2000 weddings now!

Q: What would you say is your style?
A: There are photography and editing styles that come and go. Our photography style is timeless, we like Bright and colorful photographs in a documentary style. We photograph a mixture of available light and fill flash so that you will never look back at your portraits and wish you had not gone with the latest fad. 

We will schedule time for the formal photographs and pose everyone properly; however the majority of the photographs tend to be candid and documentary. We want to document your wedding in a way that you can relive your day completely. 

Q: Which is better, 1 photographer or 2 photographers?

A: That will depend on the style of images you prefer. 1 photographer is great for small weddings with a small wedding party where you are not looking for a lot of candid photographs. 2 photographers is definitely better for a larger wedding with a full day. Two photographers will give you a more documentary style, more candid photographs and generally more photographs overall.

Q: Will Rob and Michelle be our photographers?
A: We do have collections that guarantee the two of us, however if you decide to go with one of our smaller collections we do not promise it will be us. We do have another team of photographers who we absolutely love! Allie and Jon are wonderful; she photographed our son’s wedding! (So you know we really love her!)

Q:  Is there a limit to the number of photos taken?  
A: Nope!  We will not tell you “No” there is no limit to the number of photographs taken and delivered.

Q: Seriously? So how many Really?

A: Seriously, No Limit! Would I kid you? How about a rough (very rough) average? The average is probably anywhere from 800-1200. I told you it was rough :)

Q: Can we meet before the wedding to go over times and detail?
A: Of course! We are happy to sit down and help nail down the timing. We are also happy to answer questions via email, text, actual phone etc. Whatever is easiest for you.

Q:  Do we receive all the photos?  Are they high resolution, color corrected and without watermarks?
A:  Michelle does edit every image. We remove duplicates and mistakes, but beyond that you will receive a color version of every image plus a selection of black and white and other effects. The images you receive are High Resolution, Color Corrected and free of Watermarks.  Everything is ready to print from your flash drive as well as available to download from your online gallery. 

Q: When will we receive our photographs?
A: Editing generally takes about 2-3 weeks. Occasionally if we are really busy it may take Michelle a little bit longer. You will know we are done when about 50-100 images are shared on our Facebook page (These images will be watermarked, but you are welcome to tag and share, of course). Shortly thereafter you will receive a link in your email to your online gallery with all of your images. You will also receive a UBS drive with all of the image files and print release.

Q: Do we receive copyright to the images so that we can have them printed elsewhere?
A: Of course! 

Q: Do you have insurance? Will you bring back up equipment?
A: Yes and Of course!

Q: Do we need to feed you?
A: We do appreciate a meal since it is a long day. Plus we do not like to take photographs of people eating! You do not need to assign us a seat, we can always find a place to hang out. However if you prefer not to we will just need time to get food ourselves. 

Q: We are planning a destination wedding, do you photograph those?

A: YES! We love going someplace new. We love the challenges of a different location. And it really gets our creativity going :) Just drop us an inquiry and we can work out the details.

Q: Have you photographed at my location?

A: Most Likely. I know you have not even told us where, LOL! But if it is anywhere in the Cincinnati, Northen Kentucky area, chances are pretty good. 

Q: We have more questions do we have to meet in person?

A: Of course not. I would be happy to chat via phone, text or even Skype

Q: We have more questions and would really like to meet in person.

A:Great! Drop me an email or text or you can even call me and we will get you on the calendar for a meeting.

Q: I have heard enough! We are ready to book! What are the next steps?
A: Yay! That is wonderful news! Just confirm your date with us and we will send you an online contract/proposal. Once we have that signed and the deposit you will be booked and on the calendar! 


Now that is a tough question. There are soooooo many photographers in the Cincinnati Northern Kentucky area that you could throw a stone and hit one! LOL! So let me see if I can help with that decision.

 After 30 years of marriage (This May!) and over 20 years of being in business together we still love what we do! Seriously! We really do. We still compete for the best images. #Gameon You will definitely catch a bit of good natured ribbing between us. We love working together and we make a pretty good team smiley

We love watching couples in love and documenting it. We love the sillyness of the wedding party as they get together. We love seeing the families get together. We love capturing the candid moments, the serious moments and the formal portraits. Every part of your wedding is unique. 

Yes, we will capture all of the candid moments. Yes, we will capture all of the formal portraits. Yes, we will even capture the massive 40 person family photograph that your mom wants! Yes, we will capture every event at your reception and then some. If you would like video we will even capture that. 

We will work with you to make sure the day goes smoothly. We are the the calm beneath the storm. We know you are nervous, (You are getting married after all!) but you should not be nervous about us. We have photographed a few weddings so you can be confident in us.

Our collections are designed without frills and extra stuff you don't want or need. We want you to be able to have it all without paying too much for it for it. We can help you choose a collection that works within your budget and still gives you great photographs without breaking the bank.

Let me know if I can answer any more questions or if you would like to meet I would love to talk more about your wedding. 

Send Michelle a text message! or drop us an email